Sec.4Q 2011 Integrated Humanities


Dear Students,

This website is set up for you as part of the Future School initiative to introduce a more participative and dynamic learning environment.

Although the topics in the Modern World History and the Social Studies syllabi remains unchanged, the methods of instruction, learning activities and modes of assessment have changed to accommodate a more personal style of learning.

Likewise, students must change their learning styles and learning attitudes accordingly in order to learn better in this new environment.

Hence, students must be independent to check on the website regularly. You should not only respond to the lessons posted but also to initiate new posts by themselves and to challenge each other in their search for understanding of the topics.

Occasionally, extension activities will be included so that students can build upon the formal lessons and develop renewed interest in learning more about the subject than what has been taught in class.

Online Learning Instructions

1) Please ensure that you register as a member to the site in order to participate fully in the discussion forums and make use of the online materials. Key in your particulars as listed in your school/class register. DO NOT key in nicknames. Please key in your name and index number in the format listed below:

e.g. Arnold Sumarta 4Q2011 (01)

2) As your discussion forum input is graded, do ensure that you provide your responses respectfully. You are encouraged to give as many responses as possible so that the learning process can be maximised.

3) All completed work must be done in the format specified (eg. MSWord Doc or Powerpoint Presentation). The completed work will be printed out and handed in to the teacher during the next lesson.